Thursday, 26 August 2010

The Doll Quilt is finished!

Yay! All finished and ready to go!

I have loved making this doll quilt and taking part in DQS9, even though our house move (right in the middle of it!) did mean I couldn't be as active in the group pool/discussions as I would have liked. I would love to be involved with the next one, when my life will have (hopefully) calmed down a bit.

I got an early start on this and had just about finished it a month ago. However the move really set me back, and even though it was just hand sewing left and I fully intended to get it done during the house move (over optimistic as always!) I have gone practically up to the wire with finishing it.

Anyway, here are some close ups of the different trees:
The holly tree. I was afraid that the felt leaves didn't stand out enough so added a beaded 'vein' down the middle.
 These '3D leaves' are finished with blanket stitch.
The 'autumn tree' with an owl nestling amongst it's leaves.
 Owl can fly out of the tree and around the forest!
 'Little quilt leaf' tree. Red riding hood is hiding behind this tree, she looks as if she is looking out for someone...
She can come out from behind the tree and walk about too.
And the tree full of pretty birds. But who is that next to the tree?
It is the big bad wolf! I decided to make the wolf stay put, that way red riding hood, the owl and all the birds will be safe!!
The apple tree which I blogged about earlier here. I was teasing you then by showing you the 'secret door' but not what was behind it. It isn't that exciting, but here we go...
 It is a little lady bird! I had to find a way of closing the door properly as otherwise it will flap open if the quilt is hung on the wall, hence the press stud.

I will show you my back label when I know the quilt is safely with it's new owner.

A big thanks to all the swap mamas for their faultless organisation.
I would also like to say a big thanks to Gwen at Celtic Fusion Fabrics who pulled out all the stops and got another piece of red riding hood fabric off to me before she went on holiday, as the first fat quarter didn't include a whole standing wolf.
She also very kindly sent some free small pieces of fabric, just because she is nice! Thanks Gwen, I will definitely be using your store again!

So that's it, I am packing it up now to get it in the post today, along with some treats including one of my 'little tree pincushions', which I thought would be appropriate.
It is hard to say goodbye!! but it is made easier by the knowledge that I will be receiving my own doll quilt very soon!


  1. Well done getting it finished in spite of the move!! It is adorable and love all the little extras! Genius to have the owl and litte red moving about! To be fair though poor old wolf should have at least a chance... but safer to know where he is! Great result, love it!

  2. Jo
    This quilt is fabulous! the recipient will love it

  3. Holy Moley woman...this is amazing!! I's one thing to have the cute little owl to play with but you also made Riding Hood AND felt leaves AND felt birds AND a secret door AND all that fabulously gorgeous fabric....SWOON!! Man...whoever your partner is will just pass out when they see Bearpaw on the envelope!! Well done kiddo!!

  4. This is just amazing - I'm slightly in love. So jealous of whoever's going to receive it!

  5. Jo, it is amazing I love the Autumn tree and Little red riding hood, you are so clever. My Advent pockets arrived today, thank you they are perfect x

  6. That is incredibly adorable. I'm quite stuck for words.

  7. Oh, wow!! Jo, you're going to make someone VERY happy with that wee chap! I love all the details - my favourite is the holly tree. What a surprise!

  8. It is just fantastic, the detail is amazing, I should love to have it too, brilliant - the wolf is just so scarey!

    Well done little sis' x

  9. this is absolutely delightful. I especially love the Owl!

  10. My goodness that is just so must have spent hours doing all that lovely work.

  11. i love it!! i might use some of the ideas-- is that ok?

    Your review is up today!!! go check it out:

  12. What a lovely quilt you made! I love the details you put in.

  13. I just love your quilt. Such fun to look at.

  14. I love it from my heart!!!! I hope it comes to my house!!!

  15. Oh my goodness! I so love this! This is totally amazing. All those little details. WOW! You really did a totally awesome job!

  16. Wow you've put so much time and effort in tothis little quilt. Just gorgeous! I'm sure the recipient will be very pleased with it.

  17. How amazing! I love the little peek-a-boo folks, and the leaf details, and just all of it really!

  18. I love this little quilt. Whoever gets it is going to love it to bits.

  19. This quilt is really really nice! Little red riding hood, owl and other 3d parts are amazing!