Friday, 13 August 2010

All moved in and actually liking it in The Country!!

It has all been a bit traumatic, but a week after our house move I am feeling relatively settled in and I think I'm going to be ok!
I even have my Sewing Room sorted! Above is a before photo...
And here is after! It's still a bit of a work in progress, (and those curtains have got to go!) and no sewing machine as I am having it serviced. Here is the other half of the room with fabric on display...
And lots more fabric stashed away in all those drawers and cupboards.

Whilst I was packing up everything prior to the move, I found lots of old craft projects that I thought I'd like to share with you on the blog. I've got so much to write about today that I will just show you this one unfinished quilt...
It was the first quilt I ever started. About a week after I moved in with Jonathan I went to John Lewis and bought metal hexagon templates and started this quilt out of scraps. I was only 21 but obviously desperate to 'nest'!
My sister had taught me how to do 'hexies' when I was 10 and it was the only 'patchwork' I knew about. I just used old clothes and remnants, hence the really jumbled and undiscerning fabric palette! Here are some close ups...
That awful green and white fabric was an old hankie of my Mum's!
The black and white paisley in the rosette above has faded to a purply colour (obviously cheap rubbish!)
I laboured away with it for years (and somehow decided that the red and white striped fabric should be in 2 lines!?) until it was big enough to go on the bed. I didn't know what to do next so I joined the local quilting group. They told me how to quilt it but also introduced me to 'log cabin quilt-in-a-day', rotary cutters and mats, lovely quilting fabric and a whole new world!
So this old thing got a bit negected. I did start quilting it but with such a complicated quilting pattern...
...that I only managed about 20%. It has been languishing at the bottom of a chest for years now, sad and forgotten. And yet there are a few nice Liberty fabrics scattered throughout.
And when I spread it out on the bed it didn't look as bad as I remembered.
So what do you think? Is it worth reviving and actually finishing? I can get rid of that awful border for a start.
Or shall I just put it back in the chest and pretend it doesn't exist?
Last Wednesday, when I really should have been packing, I was lured away to meet up with 3 blogging buddies in Edinburgh! Here we are having our 'Pret Picnic' in Princes Street Gardens:
Me, Karen from Karen's Cosmos, Margueritte from Adventures in Quilting and Sailing, and Lynz from Domestic Light and Magic. Lynz's wee daughter, Chook, took the photo on my phone (there is a better one on Lynz's blog).
It was so lovely to meet up with blogging friends and have a proper face to face chat. It was such a welcome break from the house move stress (and the fact my 18 year old son was leaving home that very day).
Karen and Marg very kindly gave us all presents!
Marg gave me the lovely pear pin cushion which I had been admiring on her blog, and Karen brought all the lovely fabric in the foreground! Thanks so much you two!!
I bought the rest of the wool and fabric on our quick tour of suitable shops in Edinburgh. We were a bit pushed for time but managed to visit Mcaree Bros in the New Town and then on to Mandors which has quite a good selection of craft fabrics in the basement. We all managed to spend some money anyway!
I have now had the double treat of meeting up with Marg and Karen for lunch today as well, as they are still in Edinburgh (Karen's son is getting married here next week). And in September Lynz and I are going to meet up at the Scottish Quilt Show (a first for both of us!).
Meeting up with these great girls has been a ray of sunshine through all the upheaval.

But anyway, as I said, and despite my original misgivings, I am really getting to like living on my little 'Country Estate' (honest!). I will get my act together and take some photos soon so I can take you on a wee tour!


  1. Welcome back - have missed reading your blog. It was so good to see the photo of new sewing room and now I can picture you there, rather than in the old one.
    It sounds like you had a great time on the Wednesday before the move and I loved the wool and material - lots more inspiration for you - no doubt lots of new projects in the pipeline.

  2. You can't seriously be contemplating NOT finishing that quilt, can you?!?! Woman. Just do it already! I love it (even the not-so-pretty fabrics!) coz it's like one of those traditional charm quilts - I do love this style. And I so admire you for handquilting it - I'm going to get you to show me how one day!!

    I *knew* I was making a face in that photo!!! *g* It was so lovely to meet everyone, wasn't it? And I loved Mandors - definitely on my to-visit-again list!!! So thanks!!

  3. Just reading you brought back so many memories of my own upheaval when we moved to Cyprus ten years ago, :) Yes, things do get better once the shock wears off! I am so happy you have a great sewing space and that you have great friends near by, and ofcourse don't forget all of us! :) Here's to you, Jo, and to a GREAT New Chapter!
    and I agree with Lynz... It is a charming quilt and it was your first! I hope you finish it: it's part of your history!

  4. Ooh yes that quilt's definitely a keeper! I love the fact that there's one of your mum's handkerchiefs in there, it makes me think of the resourcefulness Ma put into her quilts in the Little House on the Prairie books. And just stand back and look at the full quilt- it looks really lovely in the full shot, and shows the beginning of your quilting journey. I'm glad to hear you're looking forward to your 'new beginning' too, and your lovely new sewing room!

  5. Are you kidding me...get rid of it...take it apart....Nay I say....NAY!:) That is a precious piece of history there....ugo/faded fabrics and all!:) Just finish the darn thing kiddo!!:)

    Your sewing room is amazing...all those built-ins and the lovely cupboard....definitely a room to get those creative juices flowing!:)

    I feel you about your 18 yr old leaving!:)

  6. So pleased for you that you're enjoying your country estate, your sewing studio looks nice and roomy and so organised! I agree with the others that you should definitely keep your hexagon quilt! Not only is ityour first quilt it holds all those memories and all that work already! I love it!!
    Sounds like a lovely break meeting up with the other bloggers in person too!

  7. Hi Bearpaw ... I am a new quilter and new blogger in London and have had you on my list of ispiration since the start. It is lovely to see your workspace - I have just posted my own as people keep asking where does my crap come from! Love your old quilts too - I have just posted some old hexie ones of my own that I recently found in a cupboard.Do finish them!

  8. I am glad that your move went well Jo. Re; the quilt, I really think that you must finish it, it would be such a shame if you didn't.. Looks like you had a great day in Edinburgh, hope that you have fun at lunch, say hi to marg from me :)