Sunday, 11 July 2010

Doll Quilt Swap 9 update

This is how far I had got on Friday with my DQS9 quilt. It looks kind of finished, doesn't it? But I still have a way to go with embellishments. 
I really enjoyed making the trees. They are all machine pieced and then hand quilted. I even made a 'fancy' back (for the first time!).
I used all the quarter circles I had cut out of the background, mixed then all up and then needle turn appliqued them to some white sheeting. I tried to get them behind the trees on the front to make the quilting easier.
Here's a close up of the quilting, though I think you can see it better from the back.
I've had a bit of time to spend on the quilt this weekend so here is a sneak preview of some of the 'embellishments'. 
First of all 'The secret door"!
Can you see the little door? I wonder what lives behind it? 
And do you like my falling apples? They are made of felt and beads. Not sure I have done enough for the tree, do you think I need a few more?
Here is a little pile of mini leaf quilts! They are quilts because they have wadding sandwiched between 2 layers of fabric and are quilted!
They are going to get attached to one of the trees later.

I am having great fun making my 'enchanted forest' quilt and also looking at all the other amazing doll quilts being made. Some of them are even finished already! Take a look at the group pool for loads of inspiration.

Meanwhile I am off to make some holly leaves!


  1. Oh! so lovely those leaves and apples!! love it! I think your apples in the tree are fine. Don't need any more really. And who lives behind the door? Is it another gnome? (they tend to live there!, just warning you,lol)

  2. I'm sure everyone will think that, but it is not a gnome! (though I do love gnomes...)

  3. Gnorman's not moved, has he?? (I did a gnome behind a door for DQS8 - just incase this is making NO sense!!) This will be just ADORABLE!! I love how you've mixed up the fabrics on the tree backgrounds, that's really nice. And the embellies will make it really a work of art. Clever girl.

  4. Your quilt is fantastic Jo, I love the little falling apples...:)

  5. Me thinks that is just the perfect amount of apples and I look forward to seeing the leaves progression onto the quilt! I love working with felt, so nice that you don't have to finish the edges!
    I guess I need to start working on mine soon!!

  6. Oooh what a sweet one! I love the apple tree :)

  7. I just love your quilt!
    Oh, wish I had the patience and time to make them myself, but it'll take me ages ...
    I guess I stick to crocheting for now ;-)

  8. Just lovely -- thanks for sharing. Very inspirational!

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  10. I love your doll quilt, especially the leaves, the stitching is just so fine.

    I think it would have to be an 'owl' behind that door - but no doubt you will surprise us all.

    Will this house move, and all the preparations slow down your stitching? I do hope not.

    Love x

  11. I love your tree quilt! I just found your blog and it is lovely!I am now a follower!

  12. Your tree quilt is lovely Jo. I love the door, what a great idea. Great apples and leaves too! xxx