Friday, 16 July 2010

Bearpaw Label Tutorial

I have been selling quite a few of my Bearpaw handmade goods over the last few weeks, through my 'real' shop (including 2 of the patchwork box cushions and 2 of the tote bags I featured on here recently!).

So I needed to replenish my stock of 'Bearpaw labels'. And because I have now perfected what I think is a really neat way of making these, I decided to share it with you in this little tutorial (my first ever 'tute'!).

You will need:
Printer paper
Scraps of felt
lengths of ribbon or braid
pinking shears
First of all design your label. I have an ex-graphic designer for a husband, so I just asked him! He designed me a back and a front and set them on to a label template. This means that I can use the same artwork to print out sticky labels that I use on my giftboxes.
I know some of my readers are a dab hand on the computer, so you might be able to produce your own artwork!

Cut your labels out (as above) and then cut out rectangles of felt, a few milimetres (about 1/8") bigger all round than the label with pinking shears.
Cut out a length of ribbon (I use the cheapest I can find!) approx. 22cm (9") long and fold in half and hold in place as above.
Lay the back label on top of the felt, covering the ribbon, and stich all the way round (a few mm's from the edge of paper label). So that it looks like this:

Turn the label over and place the front printed label on top and stitch this even closer to the edge, so you cover up the stitching from the back.
And there you go. All ready to tie on to some nice handmade gift or produce.

I hope you found this helpful and easy to understand. As this is my first tutorial, any feedback, good or bad, would be most welcome!


  1. Thanks Jo! That is very clear. One question on the thread.. are you using transparent there? Is the paper special paper? or just the normal A4 everyone has in their printers?

    Last but not least... can I borrow your husband? lol!! (on the design front that is! cute bearpaw label!!)

  2. Nice job -- very clear instructions and a clever way to make labels! I always forget that you can use your machine to sew things other than fabric! :)

  3. That's a great tutorial and I love those labels.

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  5. Aaahh! Tried to leave a comment to get back to Marg about her points, but I am doing it on my son's computer and didn't realise he was logged in to a google account - so removed the comment but it left that bit above which looks like I am censoring my comments!
    Anyway, Marg, I just used regular cotton thread and regular A4 copy paper!

  6. Great tutorial, makes complete sense. Thanks! Juliex

  7. I do that all the time bearpaw... don't worry about it. thanks for answering my questions!

  8. Great idea! I always wish I had some of these made up when I finish something. By then I'm usually too drained to try to add a special touch to a gift. I should make these ahead like you!

  9. Great tutorial Jo! The pictures are good and it makes perfect sense - idiot proof i'd say!
    SV xxx

  10. Great idea--these look so lovely!

  11. Brilliant idea for a name tag for the retreat!

  12. very nice- Thanks! I might do mine with fabric and fuse it to the felt or whatever background. Great idea! I am an ex Graphic Designer myself- hubby did a fab job!