Tuesday, 29 June 2010

More bags and a bear with paws

Do you remember a few months back when I showed you my 'little animal in a teacup pincushions' (must think of a snappier name!)? I wrote about them here and asked you to suggest an animal to go in the last teacup (I like to think it's of similar importance to the 4th plinth in Trafalgar Square!).
You very kindly suggested a few differant animals such as a fox, an elephant or a bird, but I think bear got the most votes and as this blog is called Bearpaw it seemed only right.
So here he is! And he has paws! I hope you like him as I may have something in mind for him soon...
As promised here are the rest of my efforts in the bag factory (sewing room) last week.
These are 'mini bucket bags' and each has a piece of vintage linen from that large haul I bought a few weeks back.
And each has a button from my precious collection.
In case you are wondering, that is a tiny child's chair they are hanging off, they are not giant bags! They are
8 x 12".
Excuse pavement, I couldn't get a decent photo in the shop as only had my Blackberry, so I went out in to the street!
I think you may recognise this next fabric. It is a fleecey version that I bought at Purl Soho in New York last year. It is lovely but doesn't really work in a quilt so I thought I may as well use it for a bag.
These were quite quick and fun to make but I think that is me and bags over with for a while now!
I am perservering with the Etsy shop idea (it is quite a lot of work getting it organised!) but I hope to have it 'open' for my next post, and may be offering an enticement to get you all to visit - watch this space!

Meanwhile if you fancy having a go at a great giveaway, pop on over to Deeroo Designs blog. Dee is having a massive fabric giveaway and it is open till July 5th!


  1. Wow! Busy, busy, busy! Love the bags, especially the mini buckets and the lovely vintage embrodiery gives it a very special look.

    Are you all 'bagged out' now? You should take a week's holiday more often, just imagine if you did not have to go into work how much time you would have to create all this wonderful stuff x

  2. I love bearpaw but what I really want is that blue bucket bag!!

  3. The bucket bags look really good :)

  4. That little bear is so cute and yes so appropriate! Aren't those bags a great shape and my faavourite is also the blue gingham one.

  5. Man those are cute! What a great thing to buy for a teacher gift and add a few tasty treats! What I want to know is how you got that sort of piped edge on the pincushion...love his paws and thanks for the shout out!;)
    BTW...how old are your boys because you don't look old enough to be drinking legal!;)

  6. Awh Jo those are lovely! I feel as though I have missed so much on here! What have I been doing? You have been very busy!
    Sarah V XX
    I remember that chair!