Tuesday, 15 June 2010

I'm off on my holidays!

Just a short break - 3 days in Ardnamurchan in the West Highlands. I have never been so far north on that side of Scotland before. We are taking a whole day boat trip round the Isle of Mull to see where puffins nest and maybe even see whales!! Jonathan is very into wildlife photography so he is really looking forward to this.
I am sure we will be very busy hiking and so forth, but just in case I should get a bit of 'down time' I am packing my latest crochet project to keep me busy. These beautiful little things are called African Flowers and you can get the free pattern for the African Flowers here.
I am loving making these colourful hexagons. I have even been back down to the cellar and into my massive stash of tapestry wools for more colours (you can read about this wool stash here).
I started this with the idea of making it in to a blanket for a certain person, however I am so in love with the way it looks that I may not be able to part with it!
Also I have learnt to 'join as you go'. If you look at the top photo you will see how I have added another row of trebles and joined the flower to the next one 'as I go'. It is a bit of a brain ache but I think I've got it now!
I may also get a bit of thinking time to mull over my Doll Quilt Swap 9 effort. They are very quick off the mark in this group and are already posting up initial sketches and even bits and pieces of finished stuff!
I was so inspired by the ideas on show that I have managed to jot down some of my own that have been rattling around in my head for a while.
I fancy using a mixture of piecing and applique and re-visiting my love of Drunkard's Path by piecing the top of 'trees' then appliqueing leaves and forest creatures over the top. This is very much in an initial design stage but I thought I would share it with you all.
Take a look at the DQS9 pool, where you can see really creative ideas blossoming all over the place and read VERY funny discussions!

I will now be very quiet for a good 5 days but hope to bring you some West Highland stories soon!


  1. Here's hoping you have grand weather! Those flowers are lovely...I really need to expand my crochet knowledge past straight lined double crochet!:)

    Love the DQS9 idea...you just can't beat trees!;)

  2. Have a great holiday, Jo! Lovely part of the world you're going to - not that I've been but it looks good on telly!

    I have crochet envy. I may get better one day if I practise but that takes free time! That will be an amazing blanket.