Monday, 3 May 2010

The sewing room revisited

I managed to save one piece of furniture from our gigantic furniture sell-off at the shop to go in my sewing room. This quite beautiful, and capacious, white chest of drawers.
It was half price for ages but nobody seemed interested and I couldn't bear to reduce it any further as I really wanted it for myself! In the end I just put a 'sold' sign on it just in case. And this weekend it made it's way home (now that Jonathan's fingers have healed up enough that he can lift things again).
So I have just spent the last 2 days having a major overhaul and clear out of my lovely sewing room. 2 bin bags full of rubbish and 3 full of charity shop/recycling later, and here it is! I got loads of fabric in those new drawers and even though there is still a large stack of shoe boxes in the window plus all that stuff under my desk (ahem) it really is so much tidier.
When I showed you photos of my sewing room before it was 2 very selective shots as the rest of it looked like a junk shop. Where as now it seems much bigger, yet even more cosy.
I do realise how lucky I am to have this space all to myself as I know some of you readers are probably having to manage with just the dining room table (as I had to once). I appreciate it even more now that our recent lifestyle changes may mean that we will have to downsize in the near future. So it's time to cherish it and keep it TIDY.
Do you like this lovely 'this'n that' box which arrived at the shop this week (and promptly found it's way home with me...)? I spent a happy half hour filling up all the sections and making it look so 'crafty'. Haberdashery just makes me swoon.
And more excitement arrived in the post on Friday from Australia!
My prize from the Fresh Modern Quilts giveaway, the Retro Mix from Red Pepper Quilts. Thanks Rita! The fabrics are so beautiful and soft, I especially like the green one on top, but they all look so good together.
So that's the Bank Holiday weekend over now, sigh. All this sorting has taken me away from my quilting (to a deadline!), so back to work tomorrow and quilting in the evening.
Focus Jo, focus!


  1. Love that chest! I would have taken it too! Well done clearing the sewing room. It's a big job but looks so nice when done!!

  2. Man, I spent the day weeding and not sewing so I feel your lack-of-sewing pain! Back to work tomorrow - rats! I must add, I SO LOVE the stool your CD player sits on. Just gorgeous. And your chair with all it's cushions and that crocheted throw - I love seeing people's crafts in their homes. It makes mem happy. Plus, I am nosey. *grins*

  3. It makes ME happy, also (who is Mem?!?)

  4. Can't think of a better activity than tidying up a sewing room and playing with fabric and sewing supplies. Love the 'this n that' box! Congratulations on you giveaway win too! Nice fabrics!!

  5. your room looks lovely! and i love your fabrics, my favorite is the one on top!

  6. Love the one with the big dots, will look perfect in my sleeping room

  7. Very tidy indeed Jo! I love how you always manage to get photos taken on really sunny days - it makes all your photos look wonderful! Your wee hideaway looks lovely and cozy - I have been spotting all the things from the shop! Love the "this and that" box! What lovely fabrics you have won to add to your collection - think the bottom 3 are my favourites! Have fun in your tidy room! :) X
    Sarah V

  8. Love the little sewing box! I have an awful lot of 'this and that'!!

  9. Oooh, I love that Designer's Guild fabric on your stool - I made some blinds in it and covered a couple of chairs that I hand-painted too! Kim's dad took custody of the chairs, but I've got the blind up in my sitting room today :) I'm jealous of your sewing room, it looks like such a comfy space to sit and ruminate - as well as sew of course! I really want a studio, but for now I'm lucky that my dining table's a good size :D

  10. It looks great!!! I can see even my fav toadstool!!! I love the box, it is very helpful to tidy up Your space:) I will show my craftspace soon too:)
    XOXO from Ireland:)

  11. what a wonderful sewing room you have. it looks cozy!!! i hope it inspires you!