Thursday, 27 May 2010

A patchwork/crochet mash-up

I know that quite a few of my readers are primarilly interested in quilts and are not particularly interested in my intermittent crochet posts, so here is an attempt to get you quilters more interested in crochet - a patchwork crochet cushion! Just think of it as woolly quilting...

Sadly it is another Farewell Cushion. Lovely Julia, who has worked for me for 4 and a half years is leaving for a new life in Peebles (which is actually only a half hour drive away!). Good bye and good luck 'Mother Tilley', you have been an absolute brick!
The little 2" crochet squares are from a pattern from Crocheted Throws and Wraps by Melody Griffiths. She did a lovely 'Sunshine and Shadow' blanket with them. There are quite a few quilt inspired projects in the book.

I used left over wool from the Wool Eater blanket and made both sides the same. The squares are sewn together but then I double crocheted the cushion together (sorry Julia, no easy way in, so it will be dry clean or nothing for this cushion!) which gave the nice frilly edge. Some of the squares are a bit wonky. but hey, that's just part of their charm!
I actually thought this would be a nice joint project for myself and my colleague, Sarah. I had it all planned out for us to start on a train journey to York we made a couple of weeks ago. But Sarah is pregnant and so her brain is slightly out of gear at the moment, and it was 8 o' clock in the morning, and I know I am a 'Crochet Nazi'! Sorry Sarah!
So I left her alone and got on with it myself! It was nice to have something portable to do while I was busy with all the hand quilting on Jane's quilt.

Speaking of which, I have been bowled over by the reaction to that quilt on the Blogger's Quilt Festival. I wouldn't have beleived I would get so many comments! The festival has been so much fun, I have loved looking at all the quilts, have been inspired to start at least 5 new ones immediately, and have made contact with some wonderful new quilty friends!
And there is still time to enter! Just click on the link above, you won't regret it!


  1. I don't unfortunately crochet but can appreciate the work of this pretty cushion! What a lovely farewell gift! My Mother crochets so I really should get her to teach me one day before it's too late.

  2. Ooh squeal! I love crochet and a friend is teaching me- so far I have crocheted a string ;)
    I love the design of this cushion- it's very happy!

  3. What a lovely gift. You are SO productive and make SUCH lovely things!! fantastic!

  4. The cushion is lovely. I'm sure it will be much appreciated. This is what I should be aspiring to as I'm only just learning to crochet.

    Thanksfor popping by my blog - its so nice to meet someone close to home! Juliex

  5. This is lovely! I'm trying to teach myself how to crochet but haven't yet entirely succeeded.

  6. This is a beautiful cushion (and gift). I was just wondering what yarn you used for this? was it a DK or aran?
    Best wishes
    B x

    1. THank you Bernice! I used Rooster Almerino DK throughout. We sell a wide selection of colours in this range on our website. Just click on the Avery Homestore button above.