Sunday, 16 May 2010

Mini Quilt Sneak Preview

I have finally found some time to make a start on my mini quilt for the 6-12" mini quilt swap on Flickr. Above is a sneak preview. 
It is quite challenging as it can't be square or rectangular (I have found a clever way round this without resorting to a circle!), and must only use black and white with one other colour.
This is my first swap so I am quite excited. Unlike some other swaps I have observed, where you don't know who you are making for, we all know who are partners are. Mine is Mary from Portland Oregon and so I was really pleased to find a scrap of black and white fabric with writing on (which I have kept for years and years waiting for the right project) which has the word Mary on!
Just a wee reminder that Sew Mama Sew are having their massive giveaway day tomorrow, Monday May 17th. I was going to take part but then I realised it was only a few weeks since I did a giveaway (they are quite addictive) so I thought I would give it a miss this time but I will make sure I enter a few and see if I have any luck.
I have put a badge on the left hand side to make it really easy for you all to enter.
Good luck if you do!


  1. I can't wait to see your mini quilt, the sneak looks amazing!!

  2. Love that sneak peek! Looking forward to seeing what the whole quilt looks like!

  3. It seem nice!
    Congrats from Spain.

  4. Did you notice that you are listed as a participant in the Sew Mama Sew event? You will have quite a few disappointed visitors today...

    Greetings from Munich,

  5. oh dear, sorry brigit. Did think about entering but didn't get a reply from my email to Sew mama sew. Plus they did say they would delete any links to blogs that didn't have a giveaway post so didn't think I would get listed! I will do it next year, I promise!

  6. Wow, I'm deeply impressed!
    Would be so nice to be the lucky one.

    Kind regards from Germany

  7. came from sew mama sew... feel free to enter my giveaway! I am in the same boat as you & almost droped out, it snuck up on me :)