Wednesday, 21 April 2010

roses and daisies cushion completed

Do you remember this lovely pattern I started a few weeks back? I blogged about it here.
Well I have finished the cushion and I'm really chuffed with it. I think it is the nicest thing I have crocheted so far.
I have just realised that it would have been better to photograph it against a darker background but hopefully you will be able to see where the cushion ends and my bed starts!
Here it is on the bed, nestling up to my sashiko cushion I made last year.
I just can't get enough of looking at it! I think it is because I have really restricted my colour palette (not something I am very good at!) because I was trying to use this particular wool up and now it has a lovely graphic quality.
Here is the back. I just striped it with the remaining wool using a combination of double crochet, trebles and half trebles to make it a bit more interesting.

I had the extra time to finish it this week as I was unexpectedly off work for 2 days with nothing planned. I should have been on a visit to see my folks in the Midlands but alas, the damn ash cloud meant that my flight was cancelled!! As well as seeing my mum and dad and my sister and her family, I would have been meeting up with my best friend, Liz who had booked train tickets to come up from London. Ah well, never mind (big sigh)... Lot's of other people are in much worse situations, stranded abroad or missing out on their holidays.

And at least I can comfort myself by staring at my beautiful cushion!


  1. It is a beautiful cushion and I love the stripy back! Sorry not to have won any of the wonderful prizes on offer - they all looked like such lovely goodies. The cushion looks lovely on your bed.

  2. That's a lovely cushion. I love how the colours go so well together. very trendy and pretty!

  3. That is definitely one gorgeous cushion! It's actually very reminiscent of your bed quilt, in colour and pattern, and looks perfect just sat there - no wonder you sat and stared with a smile on your face :)