Wednesday, 28 April 2010

Mystery Quilt

When I started this blog last year I talked a lot about quilts. There was a wee bit of crochet creeping in but it was pretty much quilts, quilts, quilts to start with. So you may be wondering why I haven't been making any quilts recently.

But actually... I have! Only it's a secret.
I have been making a quilt for my sister, Jane's, 60th birthday since January (well on and off). I would love to share it with you but Jane is one of my most loyal readers and I want it to be a surprise! So here are a few 'sneak preview' shots.
There, that's all you are getting. If any of you clever quilter's work out which type of quilt it is then keep it to yourself!

I managed to finish the quilt top last week. It was quite a struggle! The design I have chosen was incredibly laborious. I have always loved this design but you don't see many of them around, now I know why! Anyway, after 3 backbreaking hours tacking the quilt on Sunday I have now started the hand quilting, which I really enjoy.
Jane's birthday is 18th May and as I am pretty sure I won't get it finished by that date, I have told her that she is getting a quilt (pretty obvious as everybody gets a quilt from me plus she dropped enough hints!). I have rebooked my 'ash cloud cancelled' flights for June 1st so I have been aiming to finish it for then, however, I just saw on Amy's Creative Side blog that her online quilter's festival is 21-28th May this year. Could I get it done in time for that? What a great way to unveil it!
Only problem is I have signed up to do a mini quilt swap on Flickr (my first swap!) and here is the box of scraps from the mystery quilt just crying out to be sliced up and made into something new!
Well I better get going then!


  1. Go bearpaw GO!! You'll get it done! Get your favourite movies out and settle in front of tv! Lovely colours, can't wait to see it and have no idea at all what it is...

  2. I love the handquilted look but haven't the patience so I watch in awe as you beaver away! What a spectacular gift. I'm hoping to have a new quilt festival offering myself but my fabric won't get here until, I think, next week so I'll be cutting it fine! Pardon the pun. *grins*

  3. I don't know what sort of quilt it is, but I know that's a bit of Amy Butler in there! I used it in a green colourway for a quilt I gave at Christmas. Which reminds me, I still haven't finished the quilt I was making for my son for Christmas either :( Well, maybe it'll be finished by December this year!

    Really looking forward to seeing your quilt, it looks like there's a lot of work in there - hope you're having fun :)

  4. That is so sweet, i'm sure your sister won't mind waiting a little to get a gorgeous quilt. The fabric is divine. I love that pink fabric with the blue flower in the 2nd pic. What is it called? x

  5. Liking what I see in your sneak photos. I think I can spy some Kaffe Fassett in there. Not completely sure what the pattern is but looking forward to seeing the big reveal!!

  6. You are very talented and very productive! What a lucky sis to receive what will no doubt become a beautiful, personal, family heirloom. Looks like what has become Glasgow's loss is Edinburgh's gain! Still missing your lovely shop and all its lovely goodies!

  7. Oh lucky Jane! The sneak peek pics look fab! Can't wait to see the finished piece! X
    Sarah V

  8. Thanks for all your interest and encouragement! I am really going to try and get it done for the festival now - though my fingers will get really sore :(
    Yes definately lots of Kaffe Fassett and Amy Butler in the quilt. I have been trying to find out what that pink fabric with blue flower in the 2nd pic is for Ruby, but I don't have any selvedge left and couldn't find it anywhere on the internet. Bought it 2 years ago at a great patchwork shop near Hampton Court, not much left now!
    Soory you are still missing the Glasgow shop Bella, I am still missing Glasgow! Hope to see you in edinburgh soon, come and say hello!

  9. Well, I am just so excited about my quilt. I got home this afternoon and just had to log on and see what you have been doing! The colours are amazing - I am so looking forward to seeing the complete quilt - thanks for the sneak preview xxxx

    ps, hope your poor fingers have recovered