Wednesday, 7 April 2010

More Greengate

Thanks so much for all your kind messages regarding Jonathan and the 'finger incident'. I am pleased to report that they seem to be healing up nicely and he is slowly coming back to himself after spending the last week doing a very good impression of a zombie! This was due to the amount of painkillers he was taking plus the general effects of trauma. He is going back to the hospital on Friday so they can see if everything is healing well and change his dressings.
So this is just a quick follow-up post to last weeks. As you will see, inspired by Margueritte's comments and general interest, I have photographed the 5 Greengate fabrics in close-up.
Above is 'Naomi Raspberry'. It is a lovely colour but seems a much heavier, starchier fabric, even after washing, than the others and is probably the least interesting (I'm not really selling it, am I?)
Here is the lovely Mathilde White, my favourite and the back of the cushion I showed you last week.
On the subject of that cushion, I had barely got it out on display before it sold! I had to put a price on it otherwise customers would be constantly asking 'how much?' (they seem to delight in finding the odd things in the shop that are missing their price). I had just made a lovely sign saying 'look what you can do with the Greengate fabric...' and I hadn't even taken it off the printer! I had to do a new one saying 'Jo loves using Greengate fabric in her cushions and quilts...'!
So on Sunday I made 2 more and have also put their prices up!!
The fabric above is Lyra Multi a lovely deckchair-type stripe. Really soft too.
This one is my second favourite, Carmen White, really pretty with a slight paisley feel.And last of all Sophia White, this is actually the same design as Mathilde but on a much smaller scale.
As you can see in the first photo, I have produced some Fat Quarters. This was actually great fun to do as I could pretend I was running a patchwork and quilting shop. They have also been selling quite well!
They are £5.50 each and the fabric is £21.99 a metre (it is 167cm wide and 100% cotton). If anybody does actually want to buy any then just send me an email by viewing my profile and clicking on the email button.
If you would like some but don't want to part with your hard earned cash then keep an eye on the blog as I will be organising a giveaway for my 50th post (in a couple of posts time) and will put some fat quarters in the prize pile!


  1. Yay!! Send me the spots, the stripes Sophia and Mathilde FQ's please!!

    Love them! (I'll mail you..)

  2. What wonderfully beautiful fabrics. I'm not surprised they are flying out the door as cushions. Well done!!

  3. Great fabrics:) I could just only touch and look at them, almost holy:)))
    I bought few polka dots mugs lately, I was looking for them everythere and they were so close in next town for a bargain:)
    I can't wait until Your giveaway is over:)

  4. These fabrics are gorgeous. I might make a cushion when I finish my quilt!


  5. These Green Gate fabrics are sooo pretty, Im just waiting on my consignment to arrive here in Australia. Just in time for Spring. Hope your having a lovely summer.xx

    Susie from
    I Just Love That Fabric