Wednesday, 17 March 2010

The Wooleater blanket is finished!

I have been struggling a bit in the last week or so. We have just about got back to normal (and survived!) our recent traumatic period and this has left me feeling a bit out of sorts. I think it is sometimes only after a difficult period has ended that you feel the full force of it. So I have been quite low on energy and feeling a bit emotional at the same time.
Hence my silence over the last week and also my lack of crafting.
But I have, at least, finally managed to finish the Wooleater Blanket. Last time I posted about it (here), I had completed 4 blocks and worked out a way to put them together that I liked. Well after a mammoth effort (and a lot more wool) I have managed to finish another 5 and crochet them all together.
It was very comforting to have this to turn to over the last couple of weeks, as I know the pattern so well now and could just crochet away all night under the snugly wool. Sometimes you need something really monotonous to do that becomes a kind of meditation.
If anyone is interested in more information or a tutorial for this pattern, then visit it's creator, Sarah London.
Opinion seems to be divided on which side of the blanket looks nicest. All the men in the house like the reverse side (above) best. I think it looks great both sides but prefer the front. I am hoping it can be truly reversible and have tried really hard to tuck away all the wool ends and knots. Here's all of the back below.
I have also been hurrying to finish it as a very good friend had a special birthday a couple of weeks ago and I will be seeing her in a few days and wanted to give it to her as a birthday present.
It will be quite hard to part with but there really is an extent to how many quilts and blankets I can fit into my house!
It isn't really big enough to go on a bed, but I thought it would make a lovely throw or lap blanket. It is so warm and heavy and the lovely half merino/half alpaca Rooster wool makes it feel really soft and luxurious.
I am missing my crocheting now I have finished. I really should get on with one of the half finished quilts in my sewing room, but the wool keeps calling to me!
NB I have now put together a pack of all the wools I used to make this blanket which you can buy at our website here


  1. That is beautiful, Jo...I am in awe. I hope your trauma is behind you and you come bouncing back now x

  2. It's lovely on both sides! Sometimes you need to take some 'time out' and a project like that is just the ticket. So glad everything has slotted into place and now with spring coming you'll bounce back and into 'normal' life again soon!

  3. What a beautiful blanket, prefer the front of it, but it looks excellent on both sides:

    Know what you mean about doing something enjoyable but 'mindless' that sets you free to allow your soul to heal - nothing beats being creative for helping bits of yourself come back together again x

  4. this looks lovely!
    I just discovered this pattern today.
    I'm much yard did you use?