Thursday, 4 March 2010

Leaf Needlecases

The shop is all sorted out now and my Bearpaw creations have been selling quite well. I actually sold my first owl this morning! A bitter-sweet moment...
The bestsellers so far have been the flower corsages and these leaf needlecases that I forgot to show you when I did my little bit about the 'crafty stuff' in an earlier post. The photo above was taken when I had finished my six and they are hanging in my (very messy) sewing room, under my 'inspiration board'.
Here is one hanging from my 'craft tree' in the shop.
They are based on a design in the lovely Japanese book Jonathan bought me for Christmas, 'Kokoro no Te'.
See the original (and more elaborate) leaf needlecase I made here.

I simplified this version by machining the outer leaves to the lining (the original was completely hand sewn) and by only making 3 beaded seeds (the original had 9!). I also used upholstery fabric scraps, which give the needlecases a nice 'heavyness', rather than the dress-weight fabric I used before. They have a diferent fabric on the front and back.
I really like making the seeds! They are quite addictive...
2 out of the 3 above have already sold, I am quite surprised as they are the most expensive 'small item' I am selling at £14.99. But they are quite special, even if I say so myself!

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  1. I love these needlecases! I'll have to have a look and see what is left the next time I am over!
    Sarah V. x