Saturday, 27 February 2010

A farewell cushion

I don't know where the time is going at the moment! Too busy to do much blogging, that's for sure!

Nearly finished with the shop refurbishment, just finishing the last room today. Actually it is ready but I have run out of stock to put in it! So it will just have to look a bit empty until we get some new deliveries. My Bearpaw goodies have actually been selling! I have sold 3 corsages, a leaf needlecase and a tree pincushion so far. Not bad when they are competing with all the other lovely stuff I sell.
I have had very little time for crafting in the last week, but I did manage to make this cushion for one of me favourite employees. Sarah was our Glasgow store manager and, consequently (we had to close the shop at the beginning of the year), I had the awful task of making her redundant. She has been helping us out in the Edinburgh shop for the last month (struggling through all the worst weather to get from Glasgow to Edinburgh and back everyday - you're a brick Sarah!). Sarah is one of my favourite people in the world and it broke my heart to have to let her go and I am going to miss her SO much.
So I made her this cushion with bits and pieces of memorable fabric, plus vintage pieces like the piece with embroidered daisies from an antique tablecloth. I made a (sort of) version of a union Jack above as Sarah has a bit of an obsession with the Emma Bridgewater Union Jack pottery we sell.
And here is my version of our company logo and slogan. The windows are a bit wonky but it is on quite small scale...
Sarah seemed pleased anyway and as she has been a loyal follower of my blog since I started, she will hopefully be reading this herself!

My other news is that Magueritte from Adventures in Quilting and Sailing has awarded me a 'Beautiful Blogger's Award'! Thank's so much Magueritte!
I will endeavour to fill in my side of the bargain and give some blogging awards myself, plus all the other bits and pieces required, over the next few days.


  1. What a lovely cushion! I would think Sarah was pleased... I would treasure it forever!

    So pleased the shop is going well and your crafty bits are selling! Good luck with the new deliveries and finishing the shop.

  2. Sarahs cushion looks great, I'm sure she was thrilled with it. I will miss her loads too. I have been showing the family all your wonderful things, and the pics of the shop, thumbs up all round!

  3. Sarah LOVES her cushion!
    It sits pride of place in her living room and she will not let anyone lean on it! Yup, you heard correctly. When I know someone is coming to visit I move it to another chair (usually one I am sitting on because I know I will not lean against it!)
    I love all the pretty fabrics and the hand made union jack square. I love that I know most of the fabrics stories, i.e. bought in New York, Jo's love of owls....
    I also love the home is where the heart is centre piece. The cushion will always remind me of JA and the fabulous times I spent there.
    Miss you Jo.
    X :)