Wednesday, 20 January 2010

a peek inside 'The Sewing Room'

Seeing as I might be moving everything out of my little sewing room quite soon, I thought it would be nice to share some of it with you. So here is a little peek at some very select parts of it. This is because the rest of it is so horrendously messy that I am just honing in on tiny areas that I have cleared for the photo!

So this is my 'inspiration wall'.
With lots of half finished bits and pieces. The colourful square thing is made from silk and velvet. It was an idea I was trying out last summer but somehow couldn't get what was in my head to appear in reality. But I love the colours and don't know what else to do with it now! I have also been practising lots of crochet 'motifs' from an excellent book I bought in the Borders closing down sale (can't remember the title now but will post a link at some stage).
Plus lots of photos of things I made before digital cameras - group quilts I helped organise, the first quilt I made (Bearpaw design for Liz's wedding), New House quilt for my parents and patchwork silk ballroom skirts and waistcoats.And here is my lovely comfy chair where I sit and sew or crochet whilst listening to the radio of an evening. The crochet blanket on the back was made for me when I was a child by a really sweet old lady, my cousin's Grandmother, known to us as 'Nanny Sullivan'. She crocheted hundreds of these blankets and gave them away to friends and family or to charity.And here are my cats, Simon and Lola. They've come to help me tidy my wool!Okay Lola, I think that wool is tidy enough now!

Lola is the naughtiest cat in the world, but is (luckily for her) also one of the cuteist! and her big brother Simon (who is much more sensible) really loves wool and anything made from it. He used to get in to my wardrobe and steal my jumpers when he was a kitten. They both just love getting into my sewing room and stealing wool and even 'mini owls'!
So that's the sewing room, or all you are getting of it for now! Here are some more of the experiments I have been performing recently. Little felted, beaded circles with crochet and a button in the middle.
I have always had a thing about circles within circles, so pleasing to the eye and the soul somehow. And since I got that Japanese book I have been wanting to do more and more with felt and beads. So this one is another keyring.And this one can just be hung up on a door or a hook. I also thought they could be brooches too. I have to say they haven't gone down as well as the owls or the other wee things I have been making (later, later!). So I would, again, be grateful for any feedback.

Thanks so much for all your 'owl comments'!


  1. Personally I love the circles. I think they might not do as well as the owls as the owls have the faces thing (they look at you.... aaaaahhhh) and they are cute. But I do like the circles too. Possibly I would prefer the orange keyring to an owl keyring as it would go flatter in a pocket and still make it easy to find and pull out.

  2. Thanks Margueritte! I hope you are feeling a bit better now. Did you see your lovely Xmas heart hanging on my 'wall'?

  3. Thanks for the nosey around your work room ;-) Love the circle keyrings. And thanks for the comment re Cushions...if you want any you know where I am!

  4. Love your inspiration board - makes me think mine could do with a bit of cheering up! I see the circles as decorating something else, rather than 'stand alone'. They're lovely and I think they'd look great in 'clusters' on a cushion - and I even thought I'd like them on a curtain tie-back!! So maybe your idea of brooches would be a good way to go? You've got me all excited now - I'm off to go and make some more knitting needle cases, back soon!!

  5. Thanks everyone. I like the idea of using them to decorate something else (thanks Stephie!). You have given me the encouragement I need to pursue them!

  6. Beautiful cats... are they lynx point siamese?