Saturday, 9 January 2010

Handmade labels and the missing photos!

I finally found the photo of the last few bits of handmade Christmas presents that got left off the last post.
I just want to mop this up as it is niggling me!
So here is the aforementioned Coloured Pencil Roll I made for my neice Ana. Read more about this here.
And here are the special 'Bearpaw' labels I made for each item.
I got Jonathan to decrease the size of my Bearpaw Blog header and repeat them on a page. He also did the 'with love' back label and added the little heart.
I then just printed these off and cut to size and machine sewed them to pieces of felt I had previously cut with pinking shears. The finishing touch was a little button that hid the stitching of the ribbon tie.
There were pretty quick and easy to do and went down nearly as well as the presents!

There, that's better. Now we can get on with 2010!

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  1. These labels were so good, think you should find a way of marketing them - have not seen them anywhere else? (Obviously, not as exclusive to you) but the idea of them.