Tuesday, 22 December 2009

Santa came early!

I got a lovely surprise in the post yesterday - all the goodies pictured above!
You may remember a few weeks back when I took you on a tour of my local area as part of a giveaway on Adventures in Quilting and Sailing blog. Well I didn't actually win anything in the giveaway (story of my life...) but Magueritte very kindly sent me all this lovely stuff anyway!!
Thank you so much Magueritte! Did you make the heart by the way? The panel came all the way from Holland. I will have to think very hard about what to use it for to make the best of it. And I just can't enough embroidery/tapestry thread at the moment! I might even crochet with those shades...
Last week we had out staff night out and, of course, Secret Santa. Look what Santa bought me! Lovely sirdar wool, a crochet hook and this gorgeous button!!
Santa must know me very well! Thanks Santa.

I have already got to work with the wool.
Making these lovely corsages. I just love doing these and making each one a bit different.
If I don't get a chance to post again before Friday, HAPPY CHRISTMAS to all my lovely readers and followers! I hope you all manage to get some 'crafty time' in between all the cooking and making merry!!


  1. Glad you liked it Jo. I did make the heart, you can use it either in the tree or as a small pincushion.

    The panel would go well as the center of a logcabin and made in to a tote or a cushion e.g with some calico around it (embroidered maybe??)

    have fun and good festive wishes to you too!

  2. I have almost finished Olivia's crochet cardi and have run out of wool - it is very unusual texture so cannot think I can combine it, so may have to wait till after Christmas and go to John Lewis for some more, so now it is back to the cross stitch - I really must get it finished before Oscar is much older x