Sunday, 27 December 2009

A handmade Christmas part 2

Now Christmas is over and the presents have been opened I can share with you a few more of the gifts I have been making over the last month.
Here are 2 little baby elephants made for the 2 new baby boys born this year.
This one is for Ewan who I made the cot quilt with nursery rhyme appliques. You can remind yourself of that one here.
And this one is for Oscar who I made the Hot Air Balloon quilt for.
I got the pattern out of the wonderful 'Last Minute Patchwork and Quilting Gifts' book which is available from Purl Soho website. It was written by the owner of Purl Soho (the fabric and yarn shops I visited when I was in New York). I spotted lot's of the finished projects from the book hanging up in the shop.
The book contains a sheet with all the patterns on and I was pleased at how accurate they were for this, rather complicated, little elephant.
I did change things a bit by Making the different body pieces out of different fabrics (the main body on Ewan's elephant is made out of one from my 'Purl' stash!), using button eyes instead of felt ones (very securely sewn on, don't worry!), and crocheting the blanket instead of making the fabric one in the pattern.
Though both for boys, they are a bit 'pink', but I just couldn't resist these lovely 'babyish' fabrics and tried to tone it down with green and blue blankets. Anyway, wee baby's don't know pink is for girls!

Here they are walking in a line like proper elephants!

I hope you all had a very merry and peaceful Christmas and, like me, you have managed to wangle some more days off work so you can enjoy a nice rest and some quality crafting time.
Dear hubby bought me a stunning book on Japanese textile gifts which I am dying to try out. I will share all with you very soon!


  1. I have only just seen this Jo! Don't they look cute together! Ewan loves his as elephants are one of his favourite things, after lights that is.