Thursday, 3 December 2009

Corsage Crazy!

I have been having great fun making these crochet corsages for Christmas presents. Each one is a bit different as I am making then up as I go along. I couldn't really find a pattern I liked so have just been experimenting. It is very satisfying putting the different colour combinations together and choosing the right buttons.

Last night I went along to my first 'knitting/crochet group'. This is my attempt to meet some local crafts people, in the flesh rather than in cyberspace. The group is called City Knitty.
They were a very friendly bunch, lots more knitters than crocheters, but all busy doing lovely projects. One girl was knitting socks from wool she had died herself (very impressive and lovely colours). Others were knitting scarves and jumpers. The crocheter next to me was making beautiful little circles, all different sizes, to make into a blanket out of wool left over from her Grandmother's sock knitting.
The group have had a very sad loss recently when one of their members died after a heart transplant that she had waited a long time for. They are trying to promote organ donation by knitting lots of hearts to give away. One of the knitters was adding a lemur's tail to a fat, grey heart! Very cute! I realise now I should have taken some pictures to show you, but I was just the newbie, maybe next time...

One other thing to share with you on this very 'photo-lite' post, is a wonderful and original giveaway at Adventures in Quilting and Sailing's blog. Magueritte is one of the lovely friends I have made since starting this blog and she has reached her 100th post already and is celebrating with this giveaway. Well done, Magueritte!
If you take a look it will give you a big clue about an up and coming post here!

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  1. Your crochet corsages are lovely! You are doing so well here with so many allready completed! They look swell together too! You could make a bunch of nice colours together...

    Thanks for mentioning my giveaway. Your are really sweet. Looking forward to your 'surprise' post!! :-)