Tuesday, 3 November 2009


We had a lovely weekend away visiting our friends, Sarah and Tim, in Wales. On the Saturday we went for a trip to Tetbury in the Cotswolds, famous for it's antique shops.

I was desperate for some wool to start experimenting with corsages for Christmas presents, so had checked ahead that there was definately a wool shop in Tetbury (before I agreed to go!).

It's a pretty and interesting town, perfect for an afternoon's browsing. I found the little wool shop (Skeins of Tetbury) and the nice lady gave me lots of advise on 4 ply and hook sizes. I had a good poke about in her remnant basket and got lots of little balls in different colours as well as a ball of Kaffe Fassett 'sock wool' with lovely coloured stripes.
Above is a picture of my wool hoard plus a piece of vintage fabric I found in one of the vast and fascinating antique shops.
I started work on a corsage over the weekend, which you can see sitting on the fabric.
Here is a close up.I'm quite pleased with it (as a second attempt). Especially as it ended up in the puppy's mouth at one point and Tim had to wrench his jaws open to rescue it! (naughty Basil!) Fortunately it came to no harm and doesn't even smell! I think it needs a button in the middle (the corsage, not the dog!). I will practice more and then may work on a pattern to share.

And of course, as with most homes I visit, there was one of my quilts hanging around, waiting for Jonathan to photograph.
This is Theo's cot quilt (he's now 2 and a half). Another log cabin (the're just so easy). Jonathan was a bit impatient with me so I didn't get a close up, but it is hand quilted round the teddys. The teddy fabric was an old Designer's Guild fabric that had been one of my boys curtains when they were little.
Sarah will be pleased that the chocolate milk stain doesn't show in the photo!

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  1. Glad you had a nice weekend away! and I just love that cot quilt! Really nice!