Wednesday, 28 October 2009

sneak preview

I've started a new quilt based on the Sashiko inspired cushion I made a few weeks back. It's going to take a few months so I thought I would show you 'work in progress' as I go along.
Above is a photo of a lovely pile of folded fabrics, mmmm...

Unfortunately I don't have enough Kaffe Fassett fabrics to make a whole quilt from so I had to choose from my stash.

I had a (relatively) strict criteria - large patterns (not just a small motif repeated) and with at least 3 colours. And no stripes or checks, the patterns needed to be bolder
and more complex.

Next I cut out 81 x 5 and a half inch squares using my trusted rotary cutter. And a whole bunch of 1 and a half inch strips of different shades of denim (all cut-up jeans, mine, my mum's and my sons!).

Next I pinned all the squares on to my Sun Wheel Mandala quilt (which hangs on the wall of my sewing room and gets treated appallingly!) and juggled them about till I was happy with the result.

I have already started sewing the strips and squares together. This should only really take a few weeks. I am making it in 4 quarters and intend to do the quilting/sashiko on each quarter and piece together when finished - more on this later!

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