Thursday, 22 October 2009

Pay it Forward

Play along even if you don't have your own Blog!!

After all the excitement of the Blogger's Quilt Festival, I have gone a bit quiet! Sorry...

This is due to the trip I made to see my family (more on this in the next blog) taking up last weeks days off. I was about to write about all the old quilts I have managed to get photos of while I was away, but that will have to wait as I need to tell you about 'Pay it Forward'.
The quilt festival was wonderful for lots of reasons but mostly for all the new 'blogging' friends I have made all over the world. Before I got started on my own post today, I had a quick peep at all their blogs and found this on Adventure's in Quilting and Sailing and decide to play along with Rafael's Mum (whose levels of blogging activity and energy put me to shame!). I have wanted to get involved with some sort of 'swap' for a while now and this looks like a lovely way to dip my toe in the swapping waters.

The rules here as copied from her blog;

"It works like this: the first three people to comment on this post and say they want to play along will get something handmade by me. I then have 365 days to make good. (I promise not to take that long.)

Anyone with a blog can join, it doesn't need to be something quilty, just something handmade for the next person.

To receive something from me, you need to play along too. You will need to post about it with the logo just as I have as soon as you sign up!
Please leave a comment if you would like to receive a little something from me! (Be sure to have an email address for me to contact you.)

Not sure if I can get enough people to join in from my modest pool of 'followers' (that term always makes me think of a weird religious cult!) but I'll give it a try. So anyone out there reading this please have a go - I promise I will send you something really lovely and you in turn can rise to the challenge of making something for somebody else.
As my dear husband would say (taken from our, pretty desperate, current advertising campaign) "Free Love all round!"


  1. Okay I am going to have to think about this one before I commit - much as I would love a hand made article from you xx

  2. ps realised that to get my blog published on your page, I have to copy the letters in the box, which is why you have not had all the previous comments................

  3. Hi Jo,

    Count me in on this! I have actually been meaning to do a Pay It Forward on my blog for a while. I have decided to leave She's Crafty 'resting' until the new year but will add this to my list of things to post about when it all kick starts again.
    Loving reading your posts and constantly in awe of your quilting skills!Please keep it up :)