Monday, 5 October 2009

First crocheted hat!

I have recently been popping in to the lovely wool shop, K1 Yarns, in Victoria Street (in the Old Town in Edinburgh) for supplies of black wool to finish the Granny Square Afghan. It is a gorgeous shop in one of my favourite shopping streets in Edinburgh
with friendly staff and nice comfy chairs to sit in and do a bit of knitting or crochet. They also do lessons in both. Their selection of wool is mouthwatering and I really can't help myself! So I bought this beautiful skein of Eisakunoro Japanese wool
without really knowing what I would do with it. It wasn't quite enough for a scarf, then I thought about a hat so I looked on line for a simple pattern. The one I used was very simple, just a straight forward 'woolly hat', but didn't specify wool or hook size so I had to guess a bit and as the hat grew it became apparent that it was going to be too big. I decreased a bit as I went along and it seems to have worked out fine. It is a bit 'wavy' at the top but you can wear it more like a beret as in the top photo or just pulled all the way down as below. The wool is so lovely and soft and the colours so beautiful that it seems like a really luxurious hat. The wool I used was 'Kochoran 61'.
Here is the free pattern for the hat
I'm actually looking forward to the weather getting cold enough to wear it now!


  1. lovely hat good work

  2. Love your hat! The colours are gorgeous and it looks so soft! This will be a delight to wear in the winter months and sure you will get lots of people asking where you "bought it"!

  3. thanks Sarah! I am sure you will get a chance to see it in person before long!