Thursday, 17 September 2009

Baby Ewan's Cot Quilt

Finally getting a chance to write something here! Don't seem to have been able to catch my breath in the last few weeks. Very frustrating as I have SO much to talk about and share!
I will start with photos of the now completed cot quilt for Michelle and Gordon's new baby (they of the double wedding ring quilt featured a few months ago).
The quilt was actually finished a few months ago as I needed time to finish the Hot Air Balloon Cot Quilt at the same time (as both babies were, inconveniently, due together!).
It is quite a simple affair with patchwork squares alternating with applique animals taken from the Mamas and Papas nursery collection that Michelle had chosen. It is called 'Light of the Moon' and has a collected nursery rhyme theme. You can check out how close I got here

I was particularly pleased with the cow and the .... (gulp) OWL!!
(Oh my god, I am serously worried about having a hidden owl obsession that I am in denial about!).

Here is a photo of Baby Ewan. Isn't he an angel? I spent a lovely hour last week cuddling him!


  1. Ewan enjoyed your visit today! Thanks again for the lovely quilt, we are very lucky to now own two of your wonderful works!

  2. I love Ewan's quilt, look at it every time I visit them! I would love to make something like that.