Saturday, 15 August 2009

Danish braids

We have been stocking the gorgeous rabbits and other toys from Danish Company 'Maileg' in our stores for a number of years now. Due to an increased interest in all sorts of haberdashery (from staff and customers!) we have branched out into their braids as well.

These beautiful ribbons come on a wooden spool in their own wooden box with metric measurements on the side so that we can easily sell them by the metre. This is great fun! I love cutting the braids and looping them round my hands before putting them in a bag (harmlessly pretending that I actually have a fabric shop!). Braids? Ribbons? A long running argument between Sarah and I as to what to call them. What do you think?
I have also been using the braids myself on a few projects I have going in the Sewing Room at the moment (more on that at a later date).
I wanted to make something for display purposes to show the braids off and inspire customers to buy some themselves. So here is the 'tubular' pin cushion I made (no rude jokes now). I just love pin cushions so any excuse to enlarge (oo-er) my collection! Sorry about the slightly 'carry-on' tone, it's just Jonathan compared the pin cushion to something unmentionable and now every time I look at it...
We planned to make a corsage with the ribbons and a bit of crocheting but have been too busy in the shop so far. I'm sure a quiet, rainy day afternoon will present itself soon!

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  1. what a lovely blog. All your creations are adorable. I plan to follow along. :-)