Wednesday, 22 July 2009


What an amazing array of wonderful FREE crochet patterns there are on the internet!
As I think I may have mentioned, I am a relative beginner to crocheting (despite the 17 years Granny Square hard labour!) and haven't yet managed to follow an actual pattern (not without bothering my poor sister anway). So I took the plunge Saturday night (yes, I know how to live!) and started this lovely pattern for a wee 'Totoro'. This is little 'forest spirit' type creatureand friend of the actual 'Totoro' from the Japanese animation film 'My Neighbour Totoro' (a big favourite of my sons and apparently a huge cult thing in Japan). I am really pleased with the result and even more impressed that I could crochet the whole body, starting at the ears and going down, in one whole piece with absolutley no sewing! Crochet continues to impress me! Obviously the feet and tail were crocheted separately and sewn on afterwards. The pattern wanted you to use safety eyes but why do that when you can use buttons? I think the button eyes have improved my Totoro on the original. You can find the pattern here
She has also done a pattern for the actual 'Totoro' of the title (yes I know it's all a bit confusing) which I will try next. My son, Jacob, has already claimed the little thing for his desk and in fact now concedes that crocheting might be 'cool'!

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