Saturday, 18 July 2009

flower corsage

I have been enjoying a couple of weeks off work and therefore away from the computer. We haven't been away on holiday, though I did manage some 'visiting' down South in the second week. So that's the reason I've been a bit quiet on the blogging front!
I did manage to spend plenty of time at home in my sewing room though. I have been mostly working on cot quilts as I have 2 babies due end August/September (obviously I'm not about to give birth myself - what a terrifying thought! But have 2 friends/relations that are!). The 2 quilts are very different but both involve lots of applique. Can't say much more until babies arrive and quilts are presented!
I did manage to get Jonathan to properly photograph some of my old (and recent) quilts that are around the house and I've put these on Flickr. I will talk in more detail in the near future about some of them on the blog.
I had a lovely day in London with my sister, Jane, at the Royal Academy of Art (crocheting 'charity squares' on the train on the way there, as before!) and afterwards we wandered around the Haberdashery department of Liberty's salivating over all the lovely stuff. I bought some very expensive but beautiful ceramic buttons and Jane bought some gorgeous silk/linen wool for crochet at a bargain, knock-down price! I bought 5 of the balls from her hoard as they were irresistible. While in Liberty we studied the many crochet flower corsages, with me asking for Jane's expert help to work out how they were made.
Next stop on my 'visiting' tour was Barnet (a Swine Flu hot spot, apparently!) where I, again, spent a whole day insisting poor Liz learn to crochet (she loves it really!). She is doing really well. Crochet is quite difficult, it has taken me about 17 years to move beyond the 'granny squares' phase. Which is why I am so pleased with myself for working out how to make a crochet flower shape! A version of a crochet flower shape anyway. I used some cotton Liz had in her knitting bag to make the 2 flowers and then sewed one on top of the other, finishing it with one of the lovely ceramic Liberty buttons. I sewed a safety pin on the back and gave it to Liz as a little present.
I am very pleased with it and have now downloaded an actual pattern from the Crafster site
to start experimenting with.
I think they would make lovely christmas presents for all the ladies in my life!


  1. on the patterns site there is a selection of flowers in cotton, no 0-118 which I think are better than the link in your blog. In fact your brooch is better than the link in your blog!

  2. Thanks Jane! they look interesting. I also had a go at these 'mollie flowers'
    very versatile