Friday, 24 July 2009

Double Wedding Ring Quilt

I feel I have been neglecting the patchwork and quilting on the blog recently. Too much crochet! So wanted to share the last 'proper' quilt I finished.
This is the quilt I made for Gordon and Michelle's wedding last November. Appropriately the
pattern is called 'double wedding ring' and was probably one of the most challenging traditional patterns I have made. I spent a lot of time planning the fabrics to get this sort of 'colour wash' effect and give an optical illusion of the rings interlocking. I really enjoyed this planning process as it meant deep communing with (staring at) the beautiful fabrics! It was also nice to work with something on a white background (quite demure for me!) and I especially like the way the hand quilting worked out as it has quite a 'ridged' effect. It was such a successful quilt that Jonathan didn't want me to give it away!
Since then I have been working on cot quilts and I'm now really looking forward to starting a new full-size quilt again and perhaps more of the 'colour-wash' technique. This was a big trend back in my early quilting days in the 90's. A quilter called 'Deirdre Amsden' was famous for this (in quilting circles!) and I wonder if she is still making quilts. There is very little about her on the web, though other bloggers are still writing about her old quilts! The photos show that her quilts all contain a large selection of Liberty Tana Lawns. I love using these and bought a large hoard of reduced ones from Mandors in Edinburgh a few weeks back. They have a wonderful selection at only £10 a metre! A bargain for these beautiful fabrics. I spent a lovely few hours ironing them (after essential pre-wash), folding them and stacking them on the shelves I had Jonathan put up the other day! Now I'm just looking forward to cutting them all up and sewing them back together again (yes I know it sounds insane!).
Mandors have a shop in Glasgow and a wonderful selection of craft fabrics and supplies too.

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  1. I am just about to start a double wedding ring quilt, and ran across yours in my research. What a beauty! I love that it is truly a Double wedding ring. Great job!!