Saturday, 20 June 2009


I came across this lovely owl on Miss Crafty's website. She had been making one for an 'owl swap' and had found the pattern on another blog 'Lolly chops'. Her owl looked so cute I couldn't resist having a go myself and used some furnishing fabric remnants to make the first owl. I had decided to give him to my best friend, Liz, for her birthday (which is today!). I wanted to make him look soft and comforting but also quite neutral as Liz doesn't like anything too bright in her home. He actually looks 'redder' in the photo than he really is! My youngest son, Jacob thought he looked a bit sinister.

Anyway, unperturbed, I went on to make another owl. This one came out a bit taller and maybe didn't look quite as calculating as the first one. Jacob decided that together they looked like 'Mafia Owls' with the taller one being the tough guy and the smaller one the ruthless boss. He told me he was going to make the smaller owl a cigar and the bigger one a gun, but somehow he didn't get round to it!

The owls are both made with really good quality Mulberry, GP&J Baker or Jane Churchill fabrics, either remnants or old pattern books which I am lucky enough to have a large amount of. I have been looking for a use for them for ages so may go on an 'owl making' rampage soon!
If you'd like to have a go at making an owl then the pattern is available here
If you would like to see Miss Crafty's lovely 'jumper' owl this is the link to the right bit of her website


  1. I checked out the owl at 'she's crafty' and I liked the sweater body. Think your two owls are great - what about a range for the shop, using up old that old fabric.

    Squares going well, have done quite a lot. But am finding it very difficult to source reasonably priced wool, so perhaps I need to help you use up the tapestry wool but use it say, three strands, or four strands to get the thickness.

  2. LOVE IT! I adore any owl crafts.

  3. Yup, they totally need guns and cigars. Badabing!