Thursday, 11 June 2009

Miss Bunny

A few years ago we sold lovely Rooster Yarn knitting kits in our shop and I took home the 'Miss Bunny' kit to make up a sample for. I enjoyed knitting Miss Bunny but came a bit un-stuck doing her pretty dress (I'm not really that good at knitting!). So she has remained, naked and ignored at the back of my 'to finish' cupboard for about 18 months.

The other day, while having rumage, I came across a jumper for a 'Shaun the Sheep' knitted toy that my Mum had knitted when the boys were young (and the film was still recent!). I was meant to sew Shaun up (as Mum only likes the knitting bit) but somehow never got round to it (you see a pattern emerging here!). I looked at this jumper and thought 'I'm sure I have something around here that would fit that jumper' and came up with Miss Bunny! However though she looked nice and snug in the (slightly oversized) jumper she was a bit embarrased about her bottom half.

I left her for a few days and then just happened upon an old bit of stripy knitting I must have done years ago (goodness knows what for). I decided this would make a lovely skirt for Miss Bunny (despite the slightly clashing colours!) and crocheted a pretty lacy border to make the 'skirt' a bit longer and elasticated the top. One of the things I love about crocheting as opposed to knitting is that you can crochet on to enything! So versatile. She still looked a bit 'manly' so I added a pink bow and some eyelashes to pretty her up a bit.

So here is a photo of Miss Bunny reclining in the bedroom looking slightly over dressed for the weather but very happy all the same!

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