Sunday, 24 August 2014

Granny Squares Quilt

It always takes me a while to get round to these popular quilts that are quilt-a-longs etc. 
I've loved the Granny Square quilts from afar for a while now (especially the one Lynz made which was part of our Scottish Modern Quilt Exhibition last year) but never got round to making a whole quilt - until now!

Have you met Hector? He's our six month old Tonkinese kitten, and he is a big bag of trouble!! So of course the minute I finished binding this quilt and put it down he was all over it!

So I guess it gets Hector's seal of approval...
It was my friend and colleague Barbara's special birthday this week so I made her this quilt!

I did have some help. I was first up with our Edinburgh Modern Quilt Guild's Bee a couple of months back. We are a big group of 18 quilters so we have divided the Bee into two groups, the Jelly Rolls and the Layer Cakes, except no one can ever remember which group they are in!!

I'm in the Layer Cakes and 8 of the blocks here were made by the rest of the group, I contributed the other 12. Speaking of the EMQG, do you like our new logo? It's over there on the left near the top... My husband designed it for us and I think it's wonderful! And luckily so do the rest of the group :)

I've now got myself an extension table on my Pfaff so I can tackle big FMQ patterns like this. I got the inspiration for this pattern from one of the quilts at FOQ ( sorry no idea who made it, I just go around collecting ideas like a magpie!). But I love how it turned out and will use it again for sure!

It's backed with an Amy Butler fabric (or is it AMH?? God I am getting very menopausal at the moment and my brain has turned to mush!).

It's not a huge quilt (of course I didn't even measure it so have no idea really!), but a good lap quilt/throw size.

Anyway Barbara loves it and there were tears when I gave it to her (which I now expect, so remember that friends and family). It was especially nice because, as she's been working in the shop for the last few years and coming along to lots of classes too, she knows most of the quilters who made blocks for the quilt.

And that's another quilt ticked off the bucket list for me!!